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The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution assures every citizen’s right to be protected from the unreasonable and unlawful apprehension of one’s property and person. This encompasses an individual’s right to protection from being searched and seized by police without respect to due process. News about wide-spread instances of police misconduct and wrongful arrests continue to monopolize headlines. As thousands and thousands of people mount protests and express their hope for swift action, it’s important to emphasize the need to uphold the rights afforded to all citizens in the US by law.

According to Evans Moore, LLC, wrongful arrest is just one of the many instances of police misconduct that’s becoming more and more of a hot-button topic all over the country. In general, a wrongful arrest takes place when a person is detained or taken into custody without respect to their rights. Police that make arrest should have enough cause to seize any individual they suspect of wrong-doing. Similarly, individuals are protected from having their selves and their properties searched without the necessary warrants.

Because it can be such a contentious issue, wrongful arrest cases can leave victims at a disadvantage. When pursuing such a case in civil court, having an experienced attorney makes a huge difference. Through litigation, victims of wrongful arrest can receive appropriate compensation for damages such as loss of income due to missed job appointments and even emotional distress. In some cases, when a wrongful arrest leads to further allegations of police misconduct, pursuing legal action can help in achieving some sense of justice.

All in all, pursuing a wrongful arrest case can help victims deal with the consequences such an incident can cause. If you think that you’ve been detained or arrested without reasonable cause, consult with a legal professional right away and ask about your options.