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There are times when driving can be unpleasant due to pokey or slow-moving pedestrians or the sudden presence of a volume of pedestrians, car drivers searching for a place to park, delivery trucks, city buses and taxicabs, detours, road constructions and long traffic signals.

Becoming impatient because due to slow-moving traffic is what often causes a number of drivers to drive and maneuver their vehicles recklessly, just to get ahead of everyone else. Reckless driving does not only happen on busy streets or main thoroughfares, though, but even inside parking lots. In some states, the following acts are considered reckless driving:

  • Road-racing
  • Driving beyond 80 mph or at least 20 mph more beyond the posted speed limit ;
  • Overtaking a school bus, an ambulance or any emergency vehicle;
  • Failing to use signal lights for proper traffic signals;
  • Improper maneuvering or driving above speed limit in parking areas; and,
  • Overtaking another vehicle in a one lane road.

Reckless driving, which is a serious traffic violation, is defined in U.S. laws as a display of wanton disregard for road safety and road safety rules. “Wanton disregard” is the deliberate act of ignoring the possible risk or harm that one can cause.

Reckless driving is considered a misdemeanor; however, if it results to injury or death, it can be elevated to class 1 misdemeanor or felony, depending on the laws of a state. The punishments usually associated with it are imprisonment and/or fine, suspension or revocation of driver’s license, cancellation of parole, possible deportation and a misdemeanor criminal record.

If reckless driving is committed in Federal territories, however, like in: military bases; the George Washington Parkway; the Pentagon area; the Quantico area, Northern Virginia Federal government facilities; or, federal territories located in the state of Virginia, then the penalties can mean costlier fine that can amount to $5,000.00, up to 6 months imprisonment, suspension of driver’s license and driving privileges, and minus points on one’s driver’s license.

As explained by Williams Kherkher, “Despite government attempts at regulating the safety of cars, most automobile accidents are brought on by the dangerous acts of the driver, not the car. Ultimately, no matter how high safety standards become, so long as there are reckless drivers on the road, accidents will continue to occur.

The Goings Law Firm, LLC shares the same thought, saying, “Though many drivers are diligent about operating their vehicles safely, others choose to drive without regard for others, and unfortunately when this happens, innocent drivers and passengers sustain debilitating injuries in completely preventable car accidents. Reckless driving accident lawyers have seen the devastation that car accidents, due to reckless driving can cause, thus, they dedicate their efforts to helping victims hold reckless drivers accountable for the threat that they pose to everyone’s safety.