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The Dangerous Effects of Toxic Substances

Posted by on Apr 16, 2015 in Personal Injury, Workplace Dangers | 0 comments

Hundreds of workers in the US get diagnosed with serious health conditions every year – a result of their regular exposure to dangerous substances in the workplace. Many of these illnesses are chronic and malignant, manifesting themselves only when they are already too serious to be cured by any type of drug. The most common types of these serious illnesses are cancer and lung disorder.

The lungs are the organs that are normally affected and easily damaged by toxic substances. The damage, however, depends on the kind of substance a worker has been exposed to. The most common forms of disorders that have been complained about and the kind of substance that caused these include:

  • Chronic beryllium disease or CBD, which is a result of the inhalation of Beryllium’s (a metallic element) fumes or dust. This lung disorder is acquired only by people who are allergic to the Beryllium
  • Pneumoconiosis, also known as black lung disease, is the consequence of the regular inhalation of coal dust
  • Byssinosis, which is developed due to breathing textile fiber dust regularly
  • Bronchiolitis obliterans (BO), also called obliterative bronchiolitis, is a rare, yet, deadly and incurable lung disorder which is a result of the scarring or inflammation of the bronchioles, a small airway branch or a passageway where air is able to pass through the mouth or nose to the alveoli, or lungs’ air sacs. This lung disorder is the result of regular exposure to toxic fumes, which include thionyl chloride, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, diacetyl, and nitrogen dioxide
  • Silicosis, the result of regular exposure and inhalation of silica dust.

It is quite obvious that many workers are still not cognizant of the deadly effects of many different kinds of substances, especially silica. Regular inhalation of silica dust is very common among workers who are engaged in the crushing or breaking of rocks and sands. Due to the nature of their work, many end up with the lethal lung disease silicosis, the inflammation and scarring of the lungs.

Silicosis cannot be reversed. Thus, work, which requires regular exposure to silica dust, necessitates the wearing of protective gears; employers too are mandated by law to provide their employees with the proper education and training on how to keep away from the deadly effects of this toxic element. Any failure on the part of employers or supervisors to ensure that their workers are protected will make them liable for whatever illness workers may develop.

Workers who are, or had been, exposed to silica better make sure of their health condition. Any sign or symptom of silicosis should prompt the affected worker to contact a knowledgeable and experienced legal expert immediately for the possible legal move he or she would want to pursue. Getting in touch with Tennessee personal injury attorneys is a move that the affected worker could consider.

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Eagle Ford Shale Injuries

Posted by on Feb 23, 2014 in Workplace Dangers | 1 comment

After the recent boom on the Eagle Ford Shale and the big offers on employment, thousands of people have been drawn to work at South Texas. With the sudden rush of oil and gas workers, there has also been a rise in accidents, injuries, and death in the Eagle Shale Ford well sites. According to the website of the Chris Mayo Law Firm, working in this field of has some major risks, from well-site accidents, explosions, transportation accidents, and even contamination.

The dangers of injuries and accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale generally stems from the work environment. Because of the high demand for oil and gas, workers are forced to work long hours even on unfit weathers. This would cause serious strains on their health, inducing stress and fatigue to the workers. Lack of focus or concentration could then lead to errors in judgment, which is why there has been an increase in transportation accidents. These accidents have increased significantly since the Eagle Ford Shale boom. Many of these are commercial truck accidents, as oil tankers, pick-up trucks, and gravel truck all flood Interstate 181.The flock of commercial trucks have not only caused traffic and crowding in the area, but also have made drivers and other motorists feel fearful of their safety.

Because of the energy boom at Eagle Ford Shale, the once sleepy and quiet are of Texas has become busier and more populated. Because of the constant arrival of new workers and the transport of goods to and from the oil and gas wells, roads have become hustling with people and vehicles. With this comes the deterioration of the roads that made it less safe for travel. Fatigued workers who drive long hours on heavily congested areas is always in danger of getting into serious accidents, but it’s not just about the workers and the traffic. Factors such as road condition, driver’s distraction, and the rush to get things transported can also come into play.

Because of these dangerous conditions, it may seem difficult to prove negligence or recklessness to win a personal injury lawsuit against the driver or company at-fault of the accident. In order to determine a probable personal injury or wrongful death case, it helps to consult an attorney who can advice and investigate the situation first. Commercial truck accidents are not the only common accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale sites, oil and gas well explosions, chemicals, and leaks can also occur and could potentially endanger the health and well being of the workers. Knowing your rights would eventually help in protecting yourself from the risks that come with working in the oil fields of Texas.

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