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The highest death rate in America’s working-age group has been identified to be drug overdoses.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control even show that since 2009, deaths due to drug overdose has been surpassing the number of deaths due to traffic accidents and firearms. The same results have been arrived at by the National Safety Council, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to safeguarding the life and health of the American public.

The misuse or abuse, either of prescription drugs or opioid analgesics among the working adults has been declared unintentional. However, the death toll, which, in 2010 alone, reached 38,329, has served as an alarm to both the federal and state governments, making them the see the need to do something that will combat overdose deaths.

The Good Samaritan 911 legislation, a legal protection offered to those needing medical help for themselves or someone else in the event of drug or alcohol overdose, as well as easy access to Naloxone, an overdose reversal antidote, are, meanwhile, being pushed by Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) as the immediate, sensible solutions to greatly lessen cases of drug overdose deaths.

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